Many people have followed this radio program on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, the programming changed recently and the time slot was not available.
We should thank at this stage Coast Fm for their support and the 'on-air' team of presenters led by Ash Halls who have done a brilliant job of promoting bowls.
The Lawn Bowlers League and the MBA have got together to run a replacement live stream chat.
We had a trial yesterday and had sound problems Not to be put off we are back on Sunday morning broadcasting from Club West Lakes. There may be a few issues at the start but be patient as we look to develop this initiative!
Presenters: Ash Halls and Roy Palmer with various guests. John Bevin will be a regular with his wide knowledge of the results and the game of Bowls.
The new format may allow us in the future to go to different venues to promote a special event.

‘ON THE GREENS’ metro bowls Facebook page 7.30am Sunday or watch it at any time!